Let’s Netflix and chill?  Isn’t it become one of the mainstream pickup line and things to do on a date, so we thought we would bring you 10 top different and chillout things which you can do on a date, thanks us later.

Go to the Beach

A day out on the sand with our date is always a calming place. Enjoying the sunshine near the water and as the day draws to a close, take a romantic stroll with the setting sun as an Instagram-worthy backdrop or maybe for your Snap story.

Head to the Aquarium

No place exudes romance quite like a soft-lit aquarium. Stroll through the hushed, darkened rooms while you point out your favorite creatures behind the glass.

What about Rock Climbing

If you've both got an appetite for an adrenaline rush and you want to undergo the ultimate "survival test to bring you closer together" dating experience,  then there isn't anything like being suspended from great heights on a harness while you're clinging for dear life to do it.

Take Dancing Lessons

Sign up for an hour of dancing lessons where both of you are beginners. Even if your partner has two left feet, the act of learning a skill will draw you closer together. Stay for the all-couple dance session afterward, once you're starting to get the hang of it, or retire somewhere else for a bite to eat.

Go Bowling

Whether you're a strike machine or a ten-pin novice, there's so much fun to be had at a bowling alley, from the beer and cheap pizza to the rush of the game itself. Set up the bumper guards if you want to avoid utter embarrassment or go no-holds-barred for a competitive one-on-one match.

Race Go-Karts

Get your adrenaline racing by challenging your date to a race at the go-kart circuit. Show off how well you've mastered those hairpin turns and laugh over the moments where one of you ends up crashing straight into a wall.

Play Mini Golf

Even though you're way past the age for miniature golf, the low-stakes game allows for some lighthearted fun without feeling like you need to be competitive. Plus, the yawn-worthy pace of golf means you can chat and play without any interruption.

Pack a Picnic

Keep it simple with a stroll through the park followed by a picnic lunch on the green. Pick out your favorite frozen treats from an ice cream vendor, and chat while you people-watch from the grass.

Cook a Meal Together

There's nothing more satisfying than preparing a meal together in the comfort of your own home if one or both of you is an avid cook. If you're more of a boxed mac-and-cheese type of gal, take the backseat as a sous-chef and help with the chopping and peeling.

Make Like Tourists in a New Neighborhood

Take a food tour of an unexplored neighborhood or go with certain scenic sights in mind. The act of embarking on a trip will make for a unique shared experience and the ride there will provide plenty of opportunities to learn more about each other.