There are many great reasons to visit Disneyland. Disneyland has been a place for young and old alike to enjoy being a kid and escaping the outside world, while engaging in all the magic Walt Disney created. Disneyland is the most famous theme park in the world but there is more to this adventure park than you realize:

Secret Tunnels

There are tunnels under Disney World that allow employees and cast members to move between the different areas. The tunnels help costumed cast members avoid incongruities.

No Gum

None of the shops in Disney World sell gum, which is why you never see any stuck to the rides or sidewalks.

Hidden Mickey Mouse Heads

There are thousands of hidden Mickey Mouse heads throughout Disney World and the surrounding resorts.

Secret Suite

There’s actually a secret suite inside Cinderella’s castle. It cannot be booked, and is only used for promotional give-aways.

Pilot The Mark Twain Riverboat

If you ask one of the Disney cast members if you can visit the wheelhouse they will lead you to a secret ladder on the second floor and introduce you to the captain. You will also get the opportunity to steer the riverboat, blow the whistle and ring the famous Mark Twain bell. You will also get a certificate to say you piloted the Mark Twain Riverboat.

Edible Plants

You can eat the plants in Tomorrowland. Walt Disney wanted to create an area of his park that would act as a food farm so fruits and herbs were planted in Tomorrowland for visitors to consume.

Get A Death Certificate At The Haunted Mansion

As you enter the Haunted Mansion, if you ask one of the cast members for a Death certificate they will have it ready for you at the end of the ride. But they don’t give them out to just anyone, you have to be very convincing to the Disney cast member.

Wake Up Jose

Jose is the talking parrot which stars in a show at the Enchanted Tiki Room. Normally a cast member wakes him up at the start of the show but if you ask a cast member nicely they will let you do it.

Mickey’s Toontown

If you ring the doorbells around Mickey’s Toontown, you can hear cats (at the Dog Pound), set off a flash (at the Camera Shop), or see a puppy (at the Fire Department).

Opening Day Attractions

Fourteen of the opening day attractions in the Magic Kingdom are still running. The 14 attractions are: Country Bear Jamboree – Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade – Jungle Cruise – Mad Tea Party – Peter Pan’s Flight – Prince Charming Regal Carrousel – Swiss Family Treehouse – The Hall of Presidents – The Haunted Mansion – Tomorrowland Speedway – Walt Disney World Railroad – Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room – It’s a Small World.