When it comes to famous travelers and explorers, things ain’t what they used to be. Back when travelling was in its infancy, the most famous travelers were those who challenged themselves, made amazing discoveries and introduced the world to new cultures. Those who blazed a trail opening up routes and developing relationships in lands people now visit on a whim – are almost forgotten.

So in the spirit of keeping the flame of the old school alive, here’s a look at the most awesome travelers of 21st century and why they deserve to be known. Inspiring many along the way, these travelers unravel the hidden destinations and take you to a fascinating journey with their tales and photographs.

Matthew Karsten | The Expert Vagabond

‘In the fall of 2010 I quit my job, left my girlfriend, sold everything I owned, and bought a plane ticket to Guatemala.’ – Matthew

Check out his instagram account for some brilliant photographs.

Matthew have been constantly travelling the world for the past 4 years. His area of interest are adventure travel & photography. He likes to take risks, meet interesting people, challenging activities and explore the world.

Destinations Visited: Central America | North America | Asia | Europe | Middle East | South Africa |Fiji

Christina Vidal | jetsetchristina

‘Smile. Always. It’s universal. Plus, when you’re travelling, what is there not to smile about?’ – Christina

Check out her instagram account for some brilliant photographs.

Christina is travel writer with a talent for making us lust over her exotic, and often beachy, vacations. Follow her as she takes you on an adventure around the world, showcasing the coolest locales, restaurants, bars, and beaches around the world and capturing breathtaking moments that will inspire your next adventure.

Destinations Visited: More than 50 countries

Gareth Leonard | tourist2townie

‘With zero knowledge of the language, a minimal budget and no contacts, I was on a quest to immerse myself in a foreign culture and push my personal limits. It was time to start writing my own story.’ – Gareth

Check out his instagram account for some brilliant photographs.

Follow Gareth as he immerses himself in local culture and adventures all around the globe. He has lived in South America .His photos are awesome and often fun. His goal is to go from Tourist to Townie, one adventure at a time. He counts relationships formed over countries visited, and experiences over landmarks.

Destinations Visited: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, England, Guatemala, Greece, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, USA.


Kristin Luna | CamelsAndChocolate

‘We have a bit of an obsession with photography and are forever trying to fine tune our skills.’ – Kristin

Check out her instagram account for some brilliant photographs.

Kristin, a Nashville based travel writer, has incredible photos that often focus on the South. We love her for her Southern charm and her fun-loving photography.

Destinations Visited: More than 100 countries.


Kiersten | TheBlondeAbroad

‘I started blogging with zero experience and did EVERYTHING wrong before I got it right’ – Kiersten

Check out her instagram account for some brilliant photographs.

Kiersten’s travel log contains beautiful photos of food and festivals on her frequent travels. From goofy Go-Pro photos to stunning landscapes to fashion and style photos, her Instagram is a little bit of everything, all over the map.

Destinations Visited: More than 40 countries.


Gary Arndt | everything-everywhere

Check out his instagram account for some brilliant photographs.

Gary’s award-winning photography takes you on a beautiful virtual tour through some of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites that he visits from around the world. He is a self taught travel photographer, who was named ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’ by both the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association.

Destinations Visited: More than 100 countries.


Ryan Gargiulo | pausethemoment

Check out his instagram account for some brilliant photographs.

Ryan brings his cool surfer dude vibe to his amazing instagram account, where he’ll never cease to make you jealous of his constant sunny vacation spots. From photos of the Greek Isles to the BVI’s to the Carribbean to Mexico, he will continuously inspire you to Pause the Moment and travel the world.

Destinations Visited: Africa | Asia | Caribbean | Central America | Europe | North America