Part of being a true gentlemen is not only having the looks, intelligence, and demeanor to get the girl but also the ability to keep that lovely lady and make her happy. Relationships take work and if you don’t have the drive to work for that relationship then you probably shouldn’t be in it. After you’ve locked-down that special crush use these simple romantic gestures to make her melt faster than the Polar ice caps.

1. Play With Her Hair

While you’re watching a movie or laying in bed. Just a simple stroke of her hair will do. (We suggest the fake mustache move; guaranteed to work 80% of the time, all of the time)

2. Randomly Kiss Her Deeply

In an opportune moment when she isn’t expecting it, stop her, bring her in close and kiss her like you mean it. She will undoubtedly ask you what that was for. Respond with something witty and interesting. For example: singing The Weeknd – Earned It while you slowly fade away into the mist.

3. Bring Her a Snack She Loves

Women love snacks. Whether it’s ice-cream, chips, something from Starbucks, or watermelon sour patch soft and chewy candy, they usually have some type of snack they love. Pay attention to what that is, then bring it to her the next time you see her.

4. Kiss Her Hand

In the days of old, kissing a fair maiden’s hand was a gesture indicating courtesy, politeness, respect, admiration or even devotion by a man towards a woman. In our culture it doesn’t really happen as much which makes it an even more romantic gesture. Full bows won’t be necessary, but a quick peck on the hand while you’re holding hands during a walk in the park will put some butterflies in her stomach.

5. Leave Her a Love Note

A simple note that says “I Love You” or “You’re Beautiful” in a location where she will eventually find it will make you seem like Mr. Perfect straight out of some romantic comedy I can’t quote because I rarely watch romantic comedies.

6. Forget Something

Not really…just pretend to forget or cancel a date last minute then show up with roses or her favorite snack (See #3). This can backfire so make sure it isn’t an extremely important date and do it at the last moment possible as to not ruin plans… If there’s anything men are good at, it’s disappointing women- don’t perpetuate the stereotype, dammit.

7. Do a Chore

A chore can be anything from doing the dishes to cleaning up the backyard after a BBQ. The main point in this is doing something that she would/could do before she asks you to do it.

8. Slow Dance

Put on some John Legend or go old school with some classic Sinatra and slow dance with your boo. Extra points if it’s in your living room when you just opened a bottle of wine right before sitting down to a romantic home-cooked meal.

9. Text Her Sweet Nothings

The modern day version of love notes. Texting her something short and sweet while she’s at work will 100% brighten up her day. Just don’t over do it and text her a novel.

10. Be Creative

Every relationship is unique. People have different things in common, and thus what may be special to one couple means nothing to the other. Pay attention to the details and think of something interesting to woo your woman.